Winter Bootcamp Offer

Dam Strong Shrewsbury has a new Winter Bootcamp Offer, Winter Bootcamps to help you get fit and be Dam Strong.

Winter Bootcamp Offer 2022 Shrewbury
Dan Strong Shrewsbury

This training will involve fun coached sessions to enable you to get in shape quickly.

Our Winter Bootcamps are designed to help you burn calories and lose weight quickly. If you’re looking to shed pounds in a hurry, Dam Strong is the way to go. Our classes can also help you to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your muscles. The Intensity of the exercises helps ensure that you burn calories and fat quickly. Plus doing it in the winter does mean lots of extra benefits! More calories needed to keep warm and the whole session is one long workout so you can recover quicker next time.

Motivation can be hard sometimes when you’re working out on your own. But our classes are high-energy and motivating, which helps to keep you moving throughout the entire workout.

Our coaches lead the class in the Winter Bootcamp Offer, in a high-intensity routine that will get your heart rate up. You’ll be so busy keeping up with the class that you won’t even realise how hard you’re working!

If you like our Winter bootcamps then you are welcome to join our Strength and Conditioning Classes too!

It is only £10 a week and you can access 2 classes a week! We recommend you buy this for a friend as a great Christmas present. We do 6 and 12 week offers!!! In that time they will make great changes and be fitter and happier. Here is a list of why exercise is beneficial for us, by the NHS.

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