Winter Fitness Challenge

At Dam Strong Gym Shrewsbury we help you to be Strong in the Mind and Strong in the Body. Part of the fun things we do at the gym to help you achieve this include fun challenges. Please let us introduce the inaugural Bolar Bear Club, our Winter Fitness Challenge.

Polar Bear Club 2022

If you earn this badge you will be part of the Dam Strong Few who braved training outdoors in the deep dark winter of 2022/23. You will earn the right to proudly own and display the Polar Bear Club Badge, this has to be earned and it will not be an easy task but it will be very doable. It will require a commitment to training over the winter. This commitment to training will help you to be fit, healthy and happy so it will be worth completing.

To earn this badge you must:

  • Attend 24 Dam Strong Classes outside in the winter
  • Train when there is frost on the ground at least once.
  • Train in the rain or snow at least once.
  • Train in the hours of darkness, at least once.
  • Post 2x photos of you training outside in the winter and tag #damstrong #polarbearclub

This winter fitness challenge will allow you to keep training more in the winter and help you to get on the path of keeping yourself Dam Strong throughout the winter.

In the spring we will have a big social event to celebrate and award everyone who has completed this fun challenge. Let’s start today!!. We have a facebook group where you can get fitness tips.

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