What is our story?

This is the story of Dam Strong Gym in Shrewsbury. Dam Strong started with a passion to help people in Shrewsbury. We are not any old gym, we do not just do fitness. We are a community hub that services people’s needs. Our coaches think outside of the box and put on community events, some will be fitness originated, others are social events and others will be opportunities to develop ourselves physically and mentally. The bottom line is what we do is to help people to be fit, healthy, and happy.

At our core, we are a very good gym and we offer quality services to help people the most. We do Strength and Conditioning classes, one on one training, nutrition coaching, and remote coaching. We also do training for children and put on seminars and events too.

Our gym is gold standard, our head coach has served 25 years as a RAF PTI and knows how to really coach people. Our team of coaches have all been in the industry over 10 years each, so are also very experienced. We use our gym ethos to ensure we offer high-quality services at all times.

Dam Strong Gym Shrewsbury ready for people to train in.

Communuty Hub

Our gym was created to be a community hub and a link between fitness, health, and happiness. There has been so much going on in the world and with Covid lockdowns, our gym has been created to help people to meet like-minded people to help them to be fit, healthy, and happy.

Our concept for physical training which is quite unique is a hybrid indoor/outdoor concept. We use state-of-the-art equipment from BeaverFit and modern training methods to provide the best way to train. Therefore we get to train outside in nature but at the same time get to have the safety and security of shelter.

Who Started Dam Strong?

Dam Strong Gym started with Graham Carless, a local firefighter and small business owner. As someone who is local with a big passion to help people, the ethos of Dam Strong Gyms means we can do just that, we can help the people of Shrewsbury. Our gym values are to 


We have teamed up with Shrewsbury Town In The Community and BeaverFit to become a brand new gym concept where we aim to give back to the community and help people. We offer top-quality services and focus on our client’s goals to help them become what they want to become. So this partnership means we are able to work together to help a wide audience and to get top coaches and specialists in so we can help people other gyms and community groups can’t.

BeaverFit UK

Please visit Shrewsbury Town In The Community to see all the great work they do. We are looking forward to working alongside them to help more people. Please also visit BeaverFit UK to see what they do, as we are a new brand and gym concept we are different to BeaverFit but we work closely to help the people of Shrewsbury by using new concepts and tools learned from their international experience.

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We are a gym where we help people to get results and achieve their fitness goals. The sooner we can work with you the sooner you will achieve your goals. To find out more about Dam Strong Gym book your free no-sweat intro now.

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