What is Dam Strong?

Dam Strong is more than a gym. We use highly advanced military-style training to ensure our clients achieve their fitness goals.

Strong Body

We use the hybrid training facility to train outside all year long. In the colder parts of the world, this is a challenge and the sessions are designed to warm you up and keep you warm throughout. This means you will work harder without realizing it and we could use lighter weights which will mean you can recover more quickly, while at the same time keep on improving.

We ensure you are strong in all energy pathways, for a long and short duration of work. We ensure you are skilled and capable to manage your own bodyweight before we challenge you with heavy weights. 

Strong Mind

We teach our clients ways of being strong in the mind. These skills will help in the gym and in life. Mental health can be a hidden injury and by using our tactics for having a strong mind we can help people recover from PTSD or other stresses and help with resilience for our client’s futures.

Dam Strong

Dam Strong is a blend of physical and mental training designed to get you ready for whatever life throws at you. It is not just high-intensity interval training, it is not just circuits, it is not just weights. It is properly designed Strength and Conditioning training using Military techniques blended to become a new style of training. Everyone can and should do it. You do not have to be fit already to do it, it is universally adaptable for all abilities and ages. We regularly help active service personnel and new mums. So the type of training changes slightly, depending on our client’s exact needs, ability and goals, but overall we use Dam Strong Training principles to ensure everyone is achieving their goals.

What is Dam Strong
What is Dam Strong Gym

We always build people up and never break anyone. By training the body and mind in smart ways we will ensure you will achieve your fitness goals. We do small group classes as well as 1:1 PT sessions to really help you train Dam Strong.

We train using BeaverFit equipment, this is state of the art kit. It is used by military units all over the world and by our clients at home too. There are solutions for home training as well as squad training for military units.

If you want to learn more about Dam Strong then book a free intro now. Also we run amazing 6 week challenges which are great for new people to start check out the video here to find out more.

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