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At Dam Strong Gym Shrewsbury we are starting a new Self-Defence BJJ programme. This is because Dam Strong is a place where we pride ourselves on helping people to be strong in the mind and strong in the body. Sometimes things in life happen where we need to have the skills to defend ourselves.

So we are launching our Dam Strong Gym Self-Defence BJJ speciality programme. This is a safe environment for beginners to learn the skills of BJJ with a self-defence bias. So if the moment happens in life where you need those skills you will be able to defend yourself safely. 

Also the increased confidence you have knowing you are able to defend yourself against a larger and stronger attacher is amazing.

BJJ Shrewsbury Dam Strong Gym
BJJ, where a smaller person can defete a larger person with ease.

What is BJJ?

BJJ is Brizillian Jiu Jitsu. The word “jiu jitsu” derives from the Japanese “Jū” meaning “gentle” and “Jutsu” meaning “art”; essentially, jiu jitsu is the “gentle art”.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a predominantly ground-based martial art, using the principles of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent submission of one’s opponent. 

Unlike other martial arts that focus on strikes and/or kicks, BJJ  focuses on close-contact “grappling” holds and techniques, and the application of chokes and joint-manipulations.

BJJ revolves around the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend him/herself against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using leverage and weight distribution, taking the fight to the ground and using a number of holds and submissions to defeat them. 

BJJ training can be used for ‘sport grappling’ and self-defence situations. This is what we do at Dam Strong Gym, we use BJJ to help people with self-defence.

BJJ Shrewsbury Dam Strong Gym
Learn how to defend yourself with BJJ in Dam Strong Gym Shrewsbury

Why Dam Strong Gym Self-Defence BJJ?

Dam Strong Self-Defence BJJ  is our beginner programme for adults. In this programme, you will learn the core techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment. Each session you will learn self-defence technique, which are further broken down into simplified drills to facilitate the learning process. Each session is fun and safe.

You can start the programme at any time and participate in any class without previous experience and, since safety is our number one concern, there is no competitive sparring in this programme. Upon successful completion of the Dam Strong BJJ programme you will earn stripes and progress onto further BJJ skills with Joonas and at the same time be able to affirm your knowledge of essential Dam Strong BJJ skills by joining in with Dam Strong Self Defence BJJ Shrewsbury.

How To Start?

Join our 6 week BJJ beginners programme. What you get:

6 full weeks of knowledge 

2 classes a week

Black Belt instruction

Couse designed exactly to help a new person to learn the basics of self-defence and BJJ.

Fun classes

Book a free intro to find out more about Dam Strong and Dam Strong BJJ

BJJ Shrewsbury Dam Strong Gym
Learn self defence and progress in a safe and fun way.

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